Adding ALT text to image in "about the author" footer in blog post




Please could someone help me with an ALT text warning I am getting in blog posts?


The LinkedIn logo image in my "about the author" at the footer of my blog is causing an ALT text missing message in my SEO check. I have found the image itself in the "files" section, but can't see where to add in the ALT text. I also do not have access to Design Tools, so won't be able to use that the fix the issue.


Really appreciate your advice.

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Hi @MelFallows,


Are you still experiencing this issue? If so can you please share the image you are using, a screenshot of what you are seeing and any troubleshooting steps you've done so far? You will want to partner with a team member who has access to the design manager.


The more information you provide, the better the Community can assist.


Thank you,


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I experienced the same issue, and I do have access to the design manager.

I am wondering what code I should write in order to add Image Alt Tag to the Author Bio. I added a screenshot of the code in the design manager. I was thinking I could write: 

{% if content.blog_post_author.avatar %} <img src="{{ content.blog_post_author.avatar }}" alt="Picture of {{ content.blog_post_author.display_name }}">

But this gives some weird code on the page. Here is what I see in the Design Manager.

Hubspot blog author.PNG

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With a bit of trial and error, it is now working 🙂

I added the code in the Design Manager for my Blog Post Template under the area where Author Bio is present. Also look at my picture.Hubspot blog author solution.PNG


<img src="{{ content.blog_post_author.avatar }}" width="55" alt="Picture of {{ content.blog_post_author.display_name }}">


I also have this issue as SEMrush is flagging the no ALT attribute on all author bios.


It would be great if we could have a field that allowed us to add this into the files setion within hubspot and this is then a global attribute to that file unless overwritten in use such as a post or webpage.