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Add new record in hubspot with the custom numeric record id

I am making a centralized database for all the contacts coming from different social networks.  I need proper syncing  from my centalized database to hubspot app. There are some records that have record id in my remote mysql. I need to insert those records into hubspot with the same record id. I am using zapier for syncing my database to hubspot. What it is doing right now, it is making a new record but the record id is not the one I have made. I need that id to be same because I need data syncronization from multiple databases. How can I achieve that?

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Contributor | Platinum Partner

Add new record in hubspot with the custom numeric record id

Hi @OmerHameed , I'm happy to help you with this query.


The first thing to point out is that HubSpot will generate an object ID (Contact ID, Company ID, Deal ID etc) by default any time a new record is created in the system. It acts as a unique identifier for your Contact records, along with email address, and you can reference your records by using this default ID that Hubspot gives you, but because it's generated automatically by HubSpot, it may not be suitable to match this with another ID in a different system. 


You'll have to create a custom property labelled "Custom ID" or "mysql ID" or something to that effect, and ensure that you're syncing the external ID value to this new proeprty. If you were to do this, the IDs should match. 


Can you let me know how this goes? 



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