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Hi everyone

I am building a landing page where I want to show news from a site external to hubspot, for which I have added the RSS feed module. In an article I found on hubspot it tells me the following: "If it is an external RSS feed, enter the RSS feed URL field to display the content of the feed. The URL cannot include http: // at the beginning.
Note: The RSS listing module will not display featured images from an external RSS feed. "

I have already selected in the RSS feed module, in the add rss feed field that it is an external url (annex image).RssFeedType.PNG

 And in the RSS URL field, which is where this external URL is supposed to go, I don't know where to put it:






Where is said external URL added so that it is visible on my landing page?


I remain to your comments.

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I just tested our RSS Listing Module.


Where it says RSS URL* put in the url including https://domain


Then there are options to show featured image, etc. (see image below)

Screen Shot 2020-03-25 at 7.18.44 AM.png