Accessing Module From Multilevel HubDB Template


Hey all,


I have a module that I want to be appear on a nested page in a multilevel dynamic template. The problem is that the nested pages for multilevel dynamic templates aren't accessible from the website pages editor. We do not want this block to  show up on the main level or level 0 of the template, just some of the nested levels.

My current solution is to also include this block on the level 0 template, but put it inside of a span with display:none. I'm not a fan of this solution, so i'm wondering if anyone would know any better workarounds. 

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Community Manager

Hey @DavidFJones 


I'll tag a few experts to share their thoughts.


Hey @Chris-M @Anton @FabianRichter  do you have any advice for @DavidFJones ? 


Thank you


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