A couple of basic landing page errors

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I am having difficulty with a couple of problems with a landing page I have created for an upcmoming webinar we are hosting.


The page in question: https://www.groupcall.com/analytics-webinar


The first problem - Anchor links not working properly on mobile devices. I have used smart content to slightly alter content within a rich text module for desktop and mobile. For desktop, the 'Register for the webinar' anchor link works as expected, however for mobile, it simply doesn't work. For the mobile version I have replaced the 'Register for the webinar' button with an image of an arrow, which is also anchored (but as mentioned, doesn't work).


The second problem - In the 'what the education sector is saying' section, the 3 boxes beneath in the slider are all hyperlinked and direct people back to the top of the page. I would like to remove the URL, however I am finding it impossible to do so. It seems 'hard coded' for some reason.


Any advice / guidance would be very much appreciated.


Thanks in advance,


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Hi @cmdogan90,

It looks like the issue with the CTA is that it is not clickable in the mobile version. This could be due to styling for the media query. In regards to the second issue with the hyperlinks, where are you looking to "unlink" them from? With the page editor?


If you are seeing something that is not working as expected within your portal, you can reach out to HubSpot Technical Support


Thank you,

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