monitor performance with embedded cta

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Hi does anyone know if embedded CTA's get monitored?

I've tried it on a test page but so far the stats remain the same, although I'm unsure if there's just a delay?


If they don't get monitored, does anyone know the best workaround to embed a CTA within a HubDB? I'm currently copy / pasting the embed tag onto a relevant row within the database. 



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Hi @ben-duchy,


Embedded CTA's are absolutely monitored for views and clicks. We have a WordPress site and ourse work perfectly.


If you're not seeing that data, I would first check to see how many page views your website page is getting, either in HubSpot or Google Analytics if you are using it. When you do this analsysis, remmeber that views from inside your organization are most likely filtered out of analytics if you are set up correctly. 


If you have views, you might want to look into whether or not your HubSpot analytics code or embed code ar installed properly on the page.


There is a slight delay in analytics processing, but it is usually not more than a couple of hours.   


Hope this helps!


- Trevor


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Hi @trevorjones71,


You're right there is a delay with the data pulling through when using the embed code, albeit still without the 'location' stat.


Hopefully using the embed method will only be a short term solution until HubSpot allow CTA to be selected directly within a HubDB.