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Can someone point me to a resource that describes how the Properties settings can be used to format a table in a blog post? 


I'd like to insert borders along the rows of my table, but not the columns or cells, and I'm not having any luck using the various fields shown in the properties tab.

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Hi @crb,


Yes, you can insert your border to row only and not to cells/columns. Likewise, you can only make changes to cells only or columns only. For whole table select > table properties.


Follow these Screenshots:



Furthermore, Check out the link for reference:


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Thank you.


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Hi TrooInbound,

Thank you for your response. In fact, I've been working with the various properties settings to try and achieve the formatting I want. When I add a border to the row, only, I also get a border around the exterior of the table. See below. Is there a way to put the border only on the row and not the outside of the table?


Screen Shot 2019-06-20 at 11.47.48 AM.png

I like that I can specify the border color. But, is there a way to specify its thickness? 


Again, thanks for your help!