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Hi - I am new to blogging on HubSpot. My company already has a blog section that we post on our WordPress website. As of now, we are posting our blog posts directly onto the site. However, our marketing team is looking into the blogging feature in our hubspot account as a way to better track clicks and build nurturing campaigns. If you create the blog right in HubSpot, does it automatically publish to your website that is linked as well? Or is this a seperate blog? Thanks!

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It doesn't do it automatically. There are two options.

You can either replicate your site's design and page in HubSpot and make your blog link to it. Usually something like and set that subdomain up in HubSpot. That's a lot of work and HubSpot can do the design aspect of it for you for a reasonable fee.

Your other option is to create an RSS feed of your HubSpot blog and then use a plugin for WordPress like RSS Aggregator to display the feed.