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I have recently upgraded to Marketing Hub Professional, and would like to know the best way to create a blog page on our website (which is hosted in Wordpress), by using the HubSpot blog post tool.


My plan is to create a "Resources" dropdown on our website, with "Blog" as a tab; and then embed each hubspot created blog post into the web page (using the HubSpot links associated). With that being said, I would like each blog post to have the same look and feel of the overall website but, template styles are limited. 


Any feedback is appreciated!


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blog page on website

Hi @adesalvatore , 


As you might already know, your website does not use the same CSS stylesheet as the ones used in templates. If you want them to have the same look and feel, you'll have to either design your own blog template using the same style as your website or you'll have to use a template and update its CSS sheet to get it as close as possible to what you want it to look like. 


Wish there was an easier way.




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blog page on website

Hi @adesalvatore ,

To start with posting blogs from  HubSpot blog tool, you first have to do some general settings and set up the blog templates. Check this aryicle here. Once you are done with all the settings, you can start posting your blogs from HubSpot. Check this once excellent article by HubSpot here.

Also use the SEO tool in HubSpot to create topic clusters for your website. Sharing few articles: 
View SEO recommendations in HubSpot
SEO basics and how HubSpot can help (

Hope this helps!

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