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MrCapp on May 29, 2024
Hello, We're looking for advice on restructuring our blog content. Here’s our current situation and the problem we’re trying to solve: Current Setup Number of Blog Posts : ~450 Number of Blogs : 5 Tagging System : Tags are shared across all read more
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IPackersandLo on May 29, 2024 / With multiple service stations across the country ‘Indian Relocation Packers and Logistics’ promises you adequately to provide the best assistance throughout the country 24/7. One just need to do is read more
0 upvote
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DBancroft3 on May 29, 2024
I want to add a click-to-call CTA to our landing page header but I can't see an option in the global content header options. I've tried adding in the Contect action settings but can only add a CTA button for external, content, file and email addres read more
0 upvote
0 Reply
ARichards7 on May 29, 2024
My client wants to build a User portal on the Content Hub. I can see how the new memberships functionality controls content access but it is not clear to me how that controls data access. As this is new functionality I can't find much more on the k read more
0 upvote
0 Reply
KChampagne on May 28, 2024
Hello All! I, like the rest of you, am still getting used to the newest HubSpot layout and I am now having difficulty finding the tagging feature for blogs. I know it used to be in the Account Setting>Content>Blog>General>Settings, b read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Community Manager
May 29, 2024 03:52
Hi @KChampagne , I hope that you are well! Great question, thanks for asking! Here is the article about this to help you find it: " Create more
木村 on May 27, 2024
Hello. ① Install a HubSpot tracking tag on your existing site ②Create a website on HubSpot Is there a difference in the data that can be measured in ① and ② above? In addition, regarding forms, you can also install them on external sites (HTM read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Community Manager
May 28, 2024 02:43
Hello @木村 , Thank you for reaching out to the Community! I understand that you'd like to know if there is a difference in data between placing more
ELabra on May 24, 2024
I'm having issues with the system page 404. I'm using the theme Uranus Lite by Greativess Web, the system page 404 is on english and I need it on spanish. So I created a child theme to edit de html code, and it works but the problem is that the page read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Community Manager
May 27, 2024 03:02
Hi @ELabra , Thank you for asking the Community! I understand that you are using a third-party theme and you'd like to add custom modules for more
lbaez on May 24, 2024
Hey Community! In this engaging session, we explore crafting marketing content and unveiled the newest AI marketing tools available in HubSpot Marketing Pro. With these new functionalities, you learn how to connect with your audience more effi read more
RSmolansky on May 23, 2024
I connected my domain to HubSpot and created a test page. Test page is working fine, however, the home page is showing an error 404. What slug should be for the homepage / or what else should be done to correct it. Thank you
0 upvote
1 Reply
Recognized Expert | Platinum Partner
May 24, 2024 09:20
Hi @RSmolansky , Your home page should have no slug. Ensure that the page you'll be using for home is published and the slug field is empty. more
pmatty on May 23, 2024
Hi, this is probably much easier than I am making it out to be but I can't for the life of me figure it out. We have two sections (an image and text) in a custom module that I want to reverse the positions of (it's currently set up so that the text read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Community Manager
May 24, 2024 03:11
Hi @PMatlock , Thank you for sharing your code with us and for asking the Community! I'd be happy to put you in touch with some of our Top more
MartinaWi on May 23, 2024
HubSpot's default system pages for email subscription are not visually appealing at all. I would like to customise the pages in terms of design and content, but I keep failing because I only have limited HTML and CSS knowledge. If I want to edit the read more
Guide | Platinum Partner
May 28, 2024 12:51
Hi @MartinaWi Currently the subscription preference pages (and other system pages) require HTML, CSS and HubL knowledge for customizations. more
JNielsen0 on May 22, 2024
I switched domains on my account and on my hubspot everything shows connected, but when I try to load it up it says "This page is unavailable". Is there something i'm missing?
0 upvote
1 Reply
Key Advisor
May 23, 2024 07:41
Replacing brand domains is only allowed on paid accounts ( more
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