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MTrask3 on April 18, 2024
I've seen a couple of older posts here so maybe this has been solved and I'm just not seeing how/where? It would be great to be able to manually update update dates or publish dates and then select how to you want your blog posts ordered. At a minim read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Top Contributor | Platinum Partner
April 18, 2024 19:15
Hi @MTrask3 You can manually edit the publish date of your posts by editing an individual post and then next to the orange "Update" button, more
JElder on April 18, 2024
This happens almost every time that we launch a blog post now. Pretty frustrating Not showing up on: Mac (Safari, Chrome (+Incognito), Firefox) Showing up on: iPhone (Safari, Chrome) What it's showing: Wha read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Key Advisor
April 18, 2024 08:47
I'm only seeing the 18-April blog post when I load your page (desktop/mobile). If you want to shoot a PM over when you make your next update I can more
Danielzp on April 15, 2024
We recently changed our HubSpot theme, we are still developing all the sections, so little by little we are dressing with the new image our website. We already made the change in the blogs, the post pages changed template without problem, but th read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Accepted Solution
Top Contributor | Platinum Partner
April 15, 2024 15:20
Hi @Danielzp - have you tried refreshing the browser tab while in page edit mode? Sometimes the editor can encounter a glitch, especially if you more
willchc on April 14, 2024
Hi all, Is there a way to just remove the blog publishing time and keep the date? We are using the Power Professional theme. Thanks!
0 upvote
2 Replies
Accepted Solution
Key Advisor | Gold Partner
April 14, 2024 18:59
Kia ora Will To hide the date in your Blog Listing Page you can either: a) hide the data on the page with CSS b) some Themes allow you to more
honorbert on April 08, 2024
Hello, I've created a blog in two languages and I set the blog listing pages on this two languages. Yesterday I have changed the primary language to Hungarian and since then I am not able to edit the listing pages from Content/Blog/Blog Listin read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Accepted Solution
Most Valuable Member | Elite Partner
April 08, 2024 08:09
Hi @honorbert I've not run into this issue with multi-language blogs, since it is most likely a technical issue the best thing to do would be to more
MinhazMoosa on April 06, 2024
Hi all, Just wondering if anyone can help me. We currently have a website with our IT company, they created a website for us on (not .org) The website is working fine and we have used the HubSpot plug-in to track visitors. The i read more
0 upvote
3 Replies
Accepted Solution
Most Valuable Member | Elite Partner
April 14, 2024 22:14
Hi @MinhazMoosa , yes, that is correct. I would work on the import first, so everything is in one place when you create the blog subdomain. Then more
MMeister on March 31, 2024
Hey there, I am having trouble deleting a form. For reference it says "Form Name is a blog comment form. Please remove the original blog to delete a blog comment form." We tried deleting a couple of blogs but we still get the same message. Curious t read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
April 17, 2024 09:28
I have the same problem, but I don't have a paid subscription. So how do I get rid of the form?
TRaymondRoto on March 29, 2024
We have an E-Commerce website hosted on Adobe Commerce (Magento) and we have just become a Hubspot Customer. I'm going through all the setup right now and I'm having difficulty figuring out the following areas. Blogs - We currently host our blogs read more
Accepted Solution
Most Valuable Member | Elite Partner
April 02, 2024 08:03
Happy to help @DianaGomez and thank you for gathering so much background! Hi @TRaymondRoto , I've added further insights below for each more
dw74 on March 11, 2024
Hey All, Any reason why on my blog listing page it only shows 10 posts even though I have published more? I can't find an option to make it more than 10 or have it so you can see all the posts I have made? Any ideas how to get all my read more
0 upvote
3 Replies
Accepted Solution
Key Advisor
March 13, 2024 07:51
If you click on the Contents tab from the left you should see a section for pagination. If you don't, you will need to click the plus tab to add a more
SBiehle on March 01, 2024
We are receiving some Mixed Content Warnings for blog posts on our site that were published about 9 years ago. There are over a hundred posts that are loading HTTPS and HTTP scripts because some linked URLs are HTTP. If my website was in Wor read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
Accepted Solution
Most Valuable Member | Diamond Partner
March 04, 2024 04:29
Hi @SBiehle Because we can't driectly access the server-side database that blog posts are stored in frustrating in this situation but much more
SaltyKaren on February 28, 2024
The RSS blog module in email blog subscription is limited and so we would like to create a new custom module using blog_recent_posts to get recent posts. Will there be an issue with doing this?
Top Contributor | Platinum Partner
March 05, 2024 14:35
Sure thing! This workaround should also work. Just make sure to do testing with the "Email clients" preview tool in HubSpot, as some email more
KTurner3 on February 15, 2024
I'm trying to create a listicle within a blog post. I see the options for the bullets in the text box, but is there a way to make your own custom bullet points? I'm sure I will have to do this with code. I tried to use little inserted images of read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Accepted Solution
Key Advisor | Partner
February 15, 2024 12:34
Hey @KTurner3 yes you will need to use some custom CSS to cusomise your bullet points. There's no way to do this within the UI. There's some more
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