Why user experience is again a top priority for SEO experts?

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Along with delicately designed web layouts and interfaces, SEO experts believe that there is a lot more potential in the overall design end of a given website other than just making it appealing for the users. It has been widely observed that SEO professionals have started emphasizing upon designs that are more engaging and becomes another vital medium of communication.


If we specifically look into the 2017 trends for web designing, it is a clear observation that SEO experts now give more importance to web designs that let content shine on the website. The majority of professionals for SEO services in Singapore and other Asian countries renowned for SEO expertise believes that, other than the basic elements considered for online branding, design is yet another trending area of focus for search engine optimizations.

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Hi @Susandaigle23, thanks for starting this discussion. It reminds me of a great article I read on Medium this morning about "dangerous design trends".


Personally, I don't think SEO really matters if users aren't able to navigate a website once they get there. I'm not sure how UI and UX would impact seo "algorithmically", but I do think that they're all interconnected in the way we can provide the best, most relevant, and most usable information to our website visitors. I'd love to hear more thoughts from you and others! 

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Hi @Susandaigle23 and @aliciaw - thanks so much for your contributions. It's great to hear some thoughts from our users about how the field that we work in is constantly changing. What are you two doing to keep on top of things? 


@Champion is our one of our Content and SEO experts from the HubSpot Academy. Justin, do you have any insight into this topic? What do you think is the best way to balance UI and other SEO-relevant factors? 


I'm also curious if any of our partners (@Josh @Phil_Vallender) have any advice or thoughts on this as well. 


Looking forward to learning more from you all as this converstion develops! 


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Thanks for looping me in @nicolebrenner.


Thanks for the great questions @Susandaigle23 and @aliciaw. In regards to SEO, you're absolutely right about SEO not mattering as much as website structure/architecture. Sure, you could have pages that rank on the first page of Google, but if the website offers a confusing experience, then don't expect people to stick around. 


That being said, it's possible you could have a highly ranked page that offers a valuable conversion on it. In this case, people may convert immediately without going throughout the rest of your site. 


All in all, it's best to optimize your website with SEO best practices and structure your pages to provide a positive user experience. Remember, the goal is to keep people sticking around and coming back.





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Hi @nicolebrenner,


Thanks for the mention!


Our theory here is always create for people first and SEO second. That would be true whether we're talking about an article, the website UX, design, etc.


There have also been discussions/reseach about bounce rate impacting search results. At some point this is expected to be a heavier factor in rank and if users aren't landing on a pleasing website, they are more apt to bounce.


Last addition, in Rand's latest Whiteboard Friday he discusses organic quality score. This would also be relevant to the initial comment: https://moz.com/blog/organic-quality-score


Final point (I promise)...in my opinion this is all still SEO...it's just way different than we would have done 5 or 10 years ago. It's so much more than keywords, technology, content, etc. these days!

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