Where are links for the social sharing module defined


Where are links for the social sharing module defined?

I am trying to change the facebook link that appears inside blog posts for a client, but am having trouble identifying where this content is set. The module itself seems to pull something using these commands...

set network = module[networkName]

<a href="{{ network.custom_link_format }}" target="_blank" rel="noopener" style="{{ linkStyle }}" >


but that's the extent of what I can find on the matter. Is this something which the client needs to change inside of their profile?

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Hi @kylerCA ,

So there is the "follow me module" https://knowledge.hubspot.com/design-manager/add-social-links-to-hubspot-templates - I believe this pulls in the social media accounts linked to the account. Also have this article too https://knowledge.hubspot.com/design-manager/use-custom-social-icons-on-hubspot-pages-or-templates.


Hope this helps!

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