What is your experience with publishing blog posts on several platforms?


Hello everyone,,

I have recently caught an interest for the Medium and the Steemit platform, and therefore consider re-publishing my posts from my blog on those sites. All blog posts re-published will contain a link to the original article, and this should make it clear to Google that the Medium and the Steemit version are just copies of the original article. https://mobdro.bio/ https://luckypatcher.tips/ https://kodi.bio/ 

Anyone got any experience with this? Positive? Negative? Is it dangerous? Is it important to delay publishing the content on Steemit and Reddit, or can it be published on all three places at the same time, as long as they contain the link back to the original article?

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We've used Medium for a past client before, in addition to HubSpot for weekly blog posts. As a best practice, it is highly recommended to share a post to Medium at least 1 week or so after it is published through HubSpot to your website. Posting two of the same content pieces at the same time and date can confuse search engines, as they won't know which to prioritize or which is most credible (I believe it also may consider it "duplicate content," but if I recall, linking back to the original post should help). 


In Medium, you can actually directly import your blog post from HubSpot. This should typically pull any outgoing links you have in the post as well as the featured image (not 100% certain on that). Medium then automatically adds in a snippet of copy at the end of the post that says something along the lines of "this post was originally shared at [link to the post from your actual website]"