What is the best tool to use Blog writing ( before you publish)?




My team uses Google docs while they're preparing the blog post, then I copy-paste it to the Hubspot blog. However, there is a lot of style-loss, table responsiveness problems.


I would like to ask what are you using while preparing the post? Do you suggest any tool for me to eliminate the lose of styling?

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Hello @ozgesila,


Happy Friday, great question! I will tag some top experts here, @Alex_ @Gonzalo @MatthewShepherd what would you suggest to @ozgesila for blog writing?


Thank you!



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I struggle with this same problem. We use Google Docs for maintaining all of our content, but all of the formatting gets messed up when you copy and paste it into Hubspot.


One thing I have tried recently that works pretty well is to write and edit in Google Docs > copy/paste the text into TextEdit on Mac (or any plain text editor) >  and then copy/paste into Hubspot. 


It's a lot more steps than I would like, but it removes the formatting that Google Docs applies and has saved me a TON of time trying fix the formatting in Hubspot afterward. 

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Hi, in our agency, we use Google Docs, but I think that Notion can be a nice idea.