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We have a website but in two languages (English and German), so one as .de and one as .com.


Which should be our primary domain, and can we still track statistics and use Hubspot effectively with both domains?


is there any existing instruction material about setting up Hubspot for your website that is in two or more languages?

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Hi @Caro2 


Multiple languages and multiple domains are potentially quite different challenges. 


HubSpot can track visits across multiple domains via its tracking code and do some reporting, but it you want to use the full power of HubSpot on two or more brand or top level domains, you need an Enterprise account with the brand domain add on. 


HubSpot supports multi-lingual sites, but the way it does this is by creating localised versions of pages at language specific sub folder locations under the main brand. 


You may be able to achieve your desired results with two top level domains and HubSpot, but you would most likely find it easier if you had just one (.com) and localised your content there. 


Hope this helps.

Phil Vallender | Inbound marketing for B2B technology companies