Webinar with Multiple time slots

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I am organizing a webinar and want to give customers and prospects the possibility to choose between two time slots?


I want to create a single landing page. 


How would you suggest I go after? Can you recommend a landing page template that has already the possibility to add multiple registration buttons?


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A simple approach would be to have a radio select option with the different timeslots for the user to select. Then based on their selection, create a workflow for each option.


This way you would have one landing page, one form, and one workflow.


If you are familiar with adding custom modules to a template, I recently created a webinar registration module. It is has a button that opens a modal with a form. You could link to your form with the two event times in place.

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Were you able to get this figured out? Even with workflows I do not see how this would be possible. Any help would be appreciated.