Want to edit address in footer to be three lines instead of two

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Hello! I am currently working on creating a website for client. I am using the template Aurora. Things have been going fine mostly while using it. The only thing is in the footer, the address shows up on two lines like so (sorry for the cross out things):




I blurred out the address just to be safe, but if you can tell, the Suite # is moved to the second line with the City/Zip.


The client would like it to be on three lines. So line1: Street Address Line 2: Suite # Line3: City/Zip


I can't do any hard returns in the way the template is set up. Does anybody have any suggestions as to break it into three lines? Any advice would be very helpful!

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Hi @MDignan ,

Add Address like( <p>Dummmy Text, <br> street, suite<br> New York, NY</p>) use </br> tag

Hope this helps!

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