Updated the site name not being pulled into blog posts or landing pages


We have just updated the site name and can see the change when we preview any given blog post or landing page but they are not changing in the published versions. The site name is pulled into the footer as part of the copyright information. Is there a quick way to update this?

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Hi @MartGordon!


I've run into a similar issue with my team. I update something and I see the change, but they don't. It can be a caching issue on the local machine. Have you looked at these pages completely off your network on a machine/browser that has never visted your website before? Can you share the web address with us and we can look at it for you? Or if you have any screenshots to share that might be helpful. 


If you don't know about clearing cache check out this article >>


Thanks for adding more information!

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Have you looked into the templates to see how the title tags are coded? It is possible your old site name was manually entered vs a dynamic variable being used in your footer. Since it is working in your future this is most likely the cause of this. If you need code help let me know.

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Hi @MartGordon ,

Sometimes this issue happened with the HubSpot blog and pages due to Cache issues. You can test your page in a private window or you can hard refresh the page. Please refer these doc:- 

Hope this helps!

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