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Trouble with the blog editor

I'm having trouble with the blog editing interface. It's been quite buggy on multiple browsers and I'm not sure if it's my device or an issue with the editor itself. I used HubSpot frequently in the past and haven't had problems so this was unexpected.


Some issues I've come across: 

  • The cursor won't appear to type unless I change to Distraction free mode.
  • Changing tabs (Settings to Content, etc.) doesn't always work.
  • The Accept Cookies pop-up appears every time I go into a page, even after accepting cookies. 
  • I can't edit anything in the top page like size of the author image unless I go into the source code.


I'm on a Macbook Pro with Apple M2 chip running Ventura 13.0.1. 




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Trouble with the blog editor

It sounds like you may need to contact the blog editor's customer support team for help with the issue. They should be able to diagnose the problem and provide a solution to get the editor working properly again. If they are unable to help, they may suggest other options, such as using a different browser or trying a different editor. It may also be helpful to check the editor's website for any known bugs that may be affecting your experience.



Trouble with the blog editor

Hello @DallenClark, I don't know if HubSpot has deployed some updates that might be causing some issues but our teams using the blog editor are not having issues so probably it's a local issue in your account/page/computer. 


Did you update the code recently? Or maybe some tracking elements (like JS files used for tracking)?

We once had an issue with our code updates affecting the editor. 


If not, I would suggest you trying the following:

- Delete your browser's cache and cookies

- Try incognito mode

- Try another browser



If none of the above work for you, then I recommend you reaching out directly to HubSpot 🙂

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Trouble with the blog editor

@albertsg , Hmm, it might be code updates. I'm new to this account so I don't know if there's something that's been added that might do this. 


It seems that might be the most likely issue though since the other solutions didn't work.