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Getting employees engaged in sharing your content isn't always easy.


Obviosly, they should go in and subscribe to instant notifications. But say they don't. Smiley Wink

Any way to trigger a workflow when a new blog post is live? 


Then we could spam or text our employees, with a tailored internal email telling about best practices for how you can share this story in your social channels...

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>>"Any way to trigger a workflow when a new blog post is live?"


Short Ans: Not automatically, like an RSS Email will.


Longer Ans:

We regularly use our Marketing kung fu to 'assist' employees. Smiley Wink

However, in this case (and many others), the preferred method is to add those employees to HubSpot as contacts and identify (segment) them via a Smart List. That way, we can use native built-in HubSpot functionality to engage them.

In this case, adding our employees as contacts would enable us to use an RSS Email version just for internal notification of new blog posts!! It's important that we use a separate RSS Email version here, so we can monitor engagement separately from the rest of our contacts. Monitoring internal engagement will also help us identify and possibly address the larger issue of WHY our internal teams aren't engaging with our content if it's relevant to their job performance.

If we begin to think about employee engagement with our content (or lack thereof) as we do customer engagement (or lack thereof), we might consider simply just asking for their opinion in some sort of brief (2-3 question) survey.

Sample Survey Questions:

- Has any of our blog posts helped you in your job?
(ans: Yes/No)

- How often do you read our blog posts?
(ans: Never, Sometimes, Often, Always)

- Do you feel our blog posts are relevant to your job performance?
(ans: Never, Sometimes, Often, Always)

A quick survey like this may reveal important sentiment data, especially if employees are asked to participate annonymously -- to encourage candid responses without fear of reprisal. (important)

Finally, if you just 'must' trigger a workflow via a blog post, you'll want to do it on a post-by-post basis using the Page View action based on each blog post URL. Certainly not scalable.



Texting spam notifications? Probably not the best idea. Just a thought.

Hope that helps.