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Transferring a user from Chat Bot to Live Chat

Hello - I am setting up our Chat Bot and Live Chat. If a user still has questions after the Chat Bot, I see that there is an option to transfer to a live person which is great. However, this is locked. Do we have to pay and upgrade just for this feature? The user will be transferred to the same members of our team (already set-up in Hubspot). We are a small group that's why we needed the chat bot to qualify the questions first. How can I enable this feature please? Thank you

Community Manager
Community Manager

Transferring a user from Chat Bot to Live Chat

Hi @ERoysdon 


Thank you for reaching out. 


This action is only available to users with Admin access,  and you'll only be able to handoff a chat conversation to users who have a paid Sales Hub or Service Hub seat.


Hope that helps.
Have a lovely day,

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