Tracking source for externally-hosted website page

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We write our blogs in Hubspot and place them on our website through the RSS feed, any new blog automatically appears in the website. Great, nice way to work.

The stats for my blogs however are missing or incomplete since the page we feed them to is using RSS as a source and Hubspot doesn't recognize the blog as a blog.

We did place the Hubspot tracking code on these pages however getting the blog  page built from RSS recognized as the blog we wrote in Hubspot isn't possible.

Now my reporting is out of whack as I'd like it to show me the blogs that lead to a conversion to show the fruits of our labour. Please advise, is there a possibility of changing the tracking code to consider a page as a blog (in the form of an ID or something) or any other way to make Hubspot see my blog-through-RSS pages as the blogs they belong to?

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Hello @PieterVlamings in all honest this is not something that the HubSpot tracking and analytics tools will be developing as it serves a very unique use case. Can you share more detail r.e. why you have taken this approach?