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I am trying to create a few templates/landing pages for our company, and I have a few basic questions...

1. When creating a landing page, using one of the default templates, there does not appear to be any option to change the font... simply the heading styles (Even with the expanded Rich text editor). Also how can I change the default Styles circled in yellow below...




2. Is there a way to select a landing page and add as a template? I do not have any CSS knowledge and I see the template editor coding knowlege is needed.

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Hi @Bella1 ,


1) U can click in "more" to show others configurations in Rich Text, but, if you want edit style of heading tags, paragraph and others elements, must edit the CSS code in Design Manager.


2) If i undertand corretly your question, all pages have one template.  Then you can clone and/or edit the templates in Design Manager, but need code knowledge.


HubSpot CMS for Developers Certification course teaches you how to create modules and templates, but you need basic knowledge of CSS and HTML.


We in NA5 create templates that our clientes can be using to create many landing pages with the options to customizations. We create flexible modules to add and remove itens, change color of background, fonts and others...


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Thanks Daniel - your appreciate your feedback.