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I would like to set up a more involved chatflow -- was hoping thta some other users might be able to share their strategies.


My regular chat is a normal Live-Bot Chat. But I also want to proactively ask users if they need help when they are on a page for a certain length of time -- but only if I have a customer service rep available.

This suggests 2 chatflows

1 - The normal chat which, when clicked on, asks for email and finds a rep.

2 - The "Interrupting" chat which, if they stay on a page for a while says "We have a specialist available..."


There are several problems which arise here. If they click on the box, we want to ask for an email an get them on the system, but if we interrupt, we want to be able to start chatting right away.

One strategy was that The Interrupt chat only shows when an agent is available, otherwise the normal chat shows. This way the Interrupt chat would be the priority.  Problem here is that their email would not get into the system automatically.


I was hoping that others would share their chat strategies and I could get some ideas.



Mark Robinson


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Hi @markcrobinson,


Thanks for reaching out.

I'll tag in some thought leaders to see if they have some suggestions. 

Hi @Phil_Vallender @DanielSanchez @Kim_HM @Josh, would you be able to share your thoughts with @markcrobinson?




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