Shutting Off a Blog Best Practice?

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Hi, any best practice or process recommendations for shutting down a blog?

We rebranded and rebuilt a project on a new website, abandoning the old site and its weak little blog... Do i just "delete" in hubspot? Seems.... terminal...


I want to keep the contact history data  that does exist and lists we built from that blog, but i dont want the blogs and corresponding system forms it cluttering up my Hubspot...

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I think one advise could be to archive those blogs post instead of deleting them from your portal, this will allow you to keep the data in HubSpot. 


I am wondering if any of our experts have any other tips or ideas regarding best practices. 


Hey @MatthewShepherd and @ndwilliams3 do you have any thoughts to share with @LROADY ?  


Happy Monday!