Showing contact data on a landing page, based on a url link

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We have to manage the following scenario: A person send a form with contact information to the Hubspot database. Based on the country information we send an email notification to a KeyAccount Manager. The email contains the contact url. The click on the url opens a landingpage with the contact datas. The user can check a field and accept the contact. 


The user has no access to Hubspot. It really has to be a landingpage which is public. 


Does anybody has an idea how to setup a landingpage which has access to the Hubspot database, based on a contact url?

Thank you very much for all advice in advance. 


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Hi @Roger 


Wouldn't putting the lead's info on a public landing page be a breach of their privacy and trust? Regardless of the applicability of GDPR. 


HubSpot used to provide a public contact record URL, but it was sunset in Jan 2019 - I'm sure this was one of the reasons: The Public Contact Record will be Sunset on January 23, 2019


I'd urge you to look for another solution. For example, you can now put any email address as a notification email address in a workflow or form config - so you could securely email your team the info. 


Hope this helps.

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@Phil_Vallender Thank's for your reply. You are right, I had this solution in mind. The problem is how I manage the reaction. It's some kind of an acceptance process. The team member has to accept the contact for an event. I would then trigger the contact to send by Zapier to Cvent, where the invitation process follows. The team members have no access to Hubspot, so it was the idea to work with a landingpage. 

Would it be possible to build a cta which opens a form and fills in the email of the contact and in a additional field the user just selects "Invitation to event yes/no"? 

If that's possible we could solve the problem via a workflow with a notification.

What you think about it?