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Sharing a video to an 'invitation-only' client group

We recorded a presentation and would like to share it with the employees of the corporate client.  Can we do this using hubspot?  I was thinking something similar to when you send a webinar recording to the subscribed audience only?  It would need to be secure.

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Thought Leader | Elite Partner
Thought Leader | Elite Partner

Sharing a video to an 'invitation-only' client group

@AONeill7 it depends on what you mean by secure. It looks like you have a pro level account, which means you can create password protected pages in HubSpot. That would be my first thought. You'll then have to email the exclusive list and give them the password, but that's pretty straightforward. 


If you have Service Hub Pro, you can also offer member registration to access private content. That's a little more in depth, but it works really well. 




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