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First time user here ...


I have the WordPress plugin installed and the tracking code - yet, how can I setup the tracking view or other to get the wordpress traffic analytics view in Hubspot?


I tried to follow the tracking view addition - but does not appear to be picking up the analytics for a Wordpress site.


Please help! 


Thank You, Michelle

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Hello @MPellett, wanted to share this knowledge base here 

that explains more how the tracking code works, could you please ensure that you meet all the criteria at the "please note" part in the knowledge base?


To our top experts, @Ben_M, and @BootstrapC what would you recommend to @MPellett matter?


Thank you,


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Hi @MPellett ,

There is no process specifically but they will need to check that the tracking code is installed correctly on the site (it should be the case since they are using the plugin but always good to confirm); also that their custom view is set up correctly.

Hope this helps!

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