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Seeking Input on Blog Content Restructuring


We're looking for advice on restructuring our blog content. Here’s our current situation and the problem we’re trying to solve:

Current Setup
  • Number of Blog Posts: ~450
  • Number of Blogs: 5
  • Tagging System: Tags are shared across all blogs, but only show posts within the specific blog they’re tagged in.
  • Consolidate all content under one blog.
  • Enable users to click a tag and see every post with that tag across all content.
  • Present content with primary categories and secondary tags without using multiple blogs.
Considered Approaches
  1. HubDB:

    • Thought of using HubDB to assign categories to each post within a single blog.
    • Concerns: This might go against the intended use of HubSpot blogs.
  2. Options We Are Considering:

    Option 1: Use Tags as Categories

    • Implementation: Assign each post a primary tag (former individual blogs) as a category and use secondary tags for additional categorization.
    • Visual Difference: Style primary tags (categories) and secondary tags differently, but they function the same way.

    Option 2: Follow Owl Labs' Approach

Option 3: Use Topic/Pillar Pages

Again, use a single blog and assign posts to a Topic and also use tags as per usual. Although, this seems like this might run against the way they were intended to be used. Could it work though?


  • Which approach (Option 1, 2 or 3) is better for our goals?
  • Are we complicating things by trying to consolidate into a single blog?
  • Our content writers prefer a single blog to avoid siloing content that spans multiple topics.

Thank you for your time and input.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Seeking Input on Blog Content Restructuring

Hi @CWatson12,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community!


Let's consult with some of our experts to see if they have any insights or suggestions they can share with you.


Hi @jeremymandle, @eburnaman, @ArtyCele - Do you have any suggestions for @CWatson12?




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