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Anyone else had issues with setting up SSL? 

"We're having a problem getting info about SSL activation for....."

Our client has checked ownership emails for the domain and existing SSL (including SPAM folders), and apparently, haven't received anything.


We contacted support over 24 hours ago and heard nothing since. So we're kind of stuck with no inclination of any solution. If anyone else has had similar issues, would be good to have an idea about resolution and resolution times as we're facing reverting back to their original website.


Thanks in advance.

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Hi @welshpudding 


I've seen HubSpot's SSL provisioning time vary quite a lot. Most of the time its very quick, but every now and then it takes longer. Occasionally, I think when the back log is large, it has taken quite a while. 


Support should get back to you, but they too have peaks and troughs that can affect their response time. 


You mention a client - are you a partner? If so, I'd suggest calling the partner priority support line. 


Hope this helps.


Phil Vallender | Inbound marketing for B2B technology companies
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Thanks Phil.

Just an FYI on the resolution, it took about 2 days in total and was resolved by HubSpot tech who was able to reset and recheck the client configuration their side.

If anyone else has this problem I would press support to escalate this to tech as soon as possible.

Yes, we are, but lowly Platinum at the moment, is it something for Diamond partners only?

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Hi @welshpudding,


In addition to having access to Support, you also get an icon on the Community for being a partner. Smiley Happy 


I would recommend connecting with your HubSpot point of contact regarding Support offerings for partners (you are entitled to the same benefits as Phil. 


Additionally, for domain issues and setting up SSL, I would recommend calling into Support in general, as these issues can be best handled through a phone call. 


Thank you,

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