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Removing a fly-in CTA/banner (that I can't find)

Months ago, I set up a fly-in banner that would show up to new visitors to our site. 

I recently got a new computer and realized... it still exists. However, I ALSO recently redesigned our site, and we no longer want people to go to that page. And I'd rather put a different message/page attached to this cool, fly-in CTA. 

However, try as I might, I cannot find the CTA. I'm PRETTY SURE I set it up with the CTA Beta tool, but I can't find it there. 

Any ideas where to look for it? I've tried global header... don't see it. I've searched "CTA" everywhere and can't find it.  I know how to put in a NEW fancy CTA, but I cannot figure out how to remove this one. 

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Removing a fly-in CTA/banner (that I can't find)

You can try and narrow down the CTA name and code by using the developer tools in your browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.) Right-click, inspect the element, and see what the code looks like. You might be able to find a URL that powers the CTA and work backward to find it in your HubSpot admin.