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Hello!  I'm looking to reference sub-blogs on our main blog page.  I was able to pull in the latest image, title, etc. for the sub-blogs easily, but I am looking to thave the sub-blog's BLOG TITLE ad the header for each section.  I've tried looking for the "title" "name", etc. but am not sure what the proper reference is...

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HI @jturk,


It looks like you are also working with HubSpot technical Support regarding this question. Working directly with them will be the best way to get the answers you are looking for. 


One workaround I did want to share would be to pull the name of the parent blog into each listing item (e.g. you could do "Title of Post A | Name of Blog A", "Title of Post B | Name of Blog B") by using the token  {{ }} in the post loop of your blog listing markup. 


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