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Hi there!


I first created a pop up form. Activated hubspot pluggin to my Wordpress Webiste poketrewards.com. Was able to view at first, but not not able to see the pop up now. 


Next, I created a landing page, and published it. But when I visit my website, I am not able to see the landing page there. No pop-up, no landing page nothing.


Please advise.Screenshot 2020-12-10 at 11.27.31 AM.png 

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Hi,  for the popup, I'm seeing it on your website -  Have you checked on incognito?

I'd imagine that you have a setting in the form that waits a few days until you see it again -  It's in the options section of the form


Screenshot 2020-12-10 at 10.25.59.png



For your landing page query,  what's the URL of your landing page?  Have you linked your website to the URL?

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