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We are building a shopify site to use with a hubspot marketing. We have some great embeded forms.  I would like to include the user's URL as a hidden field when the user presses submit.  Does anyone know how to do this?  I cannot find it anywhere and it seems simple.



  • User is on /products/product-a
  • They fill out the form on /products/product-a to request more info
  • Populates "Form Submission URL" field = /products/product-a and sends this with the notification
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Hi @jschroeffel Welcome to the community. At this time you can only add property values (incuding hidden values) to forms on HubSpot Landing pages through a query strin.... It is not possible to add values to an embedded form. 


HubSpot just announced a new beta integration with Shopify, so this may be possible in the near furture. Find out more about the HubSpot Shopify integration here.





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