Pages Periodically Drop Out of Google Index


Hey there! A question regarding the HubSpot CMS. We have 2 key website pillar pages, well-optimized for the main keywords we target.


Starting from Juli, both these pages periodically drop out of Google Index. 


We have to track it, then manually add these pages in Google Search Console and wait until they get reindexed. This scenario always works, however, it’s quite annoying and time-consuming go through these steps over and over again.


Any idea what can trigger this Google Dance issue? And how to fix it within HubSpot CMS?

Additional Info:

  • these pages rank weak for most of the keywords we target,
  • these pages have only high-quality backlinks (and we don’t build them aggressively),
  • these pages have correctly set up hreflang tags (by the way, the multilingual DE pages also have this issue),
  • these pages are well optimized for mobile (see the metrics below):


Google Speed Test : 

Embedded - Mobile 61, Desktop 82

IoT - 58, 72



Embedded Page Speed score - A (92%)

IoT Page Speed score - B (89%)


SEMrush Website score - 90%


As you can see, everything looks perfectly fine, but the issue persists… Probably, there’re some settings within the CMS systems we need to tweak or smth...  

The tools used for tracking: SEMRush, Google Analytics, Google Search Console

P.S. Screen-shots with position fluctuations attached. 




Thanks for your help!

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Community Manager

Hey @Vitaly_G 


Thank you for sharing this detailed information. I'll tag a few experts that can share their thoughts with you.

Hey @Aakar @ShanePunt @bendonahower what would you advise in this case?




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