Need the Best Design Ideas for Website!


Hello Everyone!


I need the Best Design Ideas of My website webpages. I have Sports, Home and Kitchen Websites. Now, I want to change design of different Webpages. I literally confused to select the Best Design and theme. Kindly help me find the best theme design. Theme must be attractive and unique.



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Hello @AMathews Happy Friday! Currently, do you have any design in mind that you can provide us more information? I will also add some top experts to share their suggestions @Gonzalo @Alex_  @DanielSanchez what would you recommend to @AMathews matter?


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Hi @AMathews ,


If you want to purchase a ready-made theme in MarketPlace, then here are some tips:


Recognizing Google metrics such as Web Vitals, it is important that your website is fast and light and does not "hide content". For that reason I am against Sliders for example.


Another important issue is to use light images and try to avoid overusing images.


Also consider that most of the accesses are on mobile, so I look for themes that have a good mobile experience.


I particularly like objective sites that can convey a clear message. Do not insert unnecessary content just to gain volume.


If you have the conditions and time to put together an ideal project, I would consider hiring a UX designer to assist you and to model with you an ideal layout for your business. From this layout, hire a developer to create your templates. However, it can be more expensive than buying a theme on MarketPlace, but the final product will be more suitable and personalized for your business.


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Hi @AMathews ,

Well! There are thousands of themes on HubSpot marketplace that can help you achieve your website design goals. But, if you are looking for clear, simple and responsive templates to design awesome websites within a few clicks, then I would recommend you to go with HubSpot Clear theme.

Hope this helps!

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