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I know that it's bad practice to use smart content on a thank you page, but I need a way to redirect users to a thank you page based on a form selection. 


When someone requests a demo, they indicate how many clients they have. If they have less than 10 clients, they don't qualify for our program. 10 or more and we want them to be able to schedule right away with a meetings link. Are there any solutions besides building a custom form with the API? I can't be the only one wanting to send visitors to two different thank-you pages based on their submissions.

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Hi @Eleven11  At this time, it's not possible to send a contact to a different TY page based on the form submission. But if you could later your conversion path a bit, you can do something similar. 


Rather than redirecting to a TY page, change your landing page to show an in-line thank you message, something to the effect of Thank you for submitting, we'll send you a message with further instructions in 10 minutes.


You can then build a workflow that sends an email based on the particular property. One can contain a calendar link, while the other can state the reasons the contact doesn't qualify. 


It's not a perfect solution, but accomplishes your goals. 


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Ed Justen

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This is essentially what we are already doing, but I'm trying to increase meetings scheduled.


We get a lot of people requesting demos, but far fewer clicking the link in the email. Why not let them schedule right away on the thank you page is our thinking. 


 I just don't want those who aren't qualified based on their form submission to be able to schedule. Looks like the API is the only way to go here. Just trying to avoid that if there's another way. 



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I agree, this would be a great feature.  @Eleven11 could you "trust" your leads?  Meaning, on the Thank You page have two different boxes with different messages?  For example


Box 1

Under 10 employees?

Thank you for your interest.

Our software is best suited to companies with over 10 employees. We are unfortunately unable to provide a live demo at this time.  Here's a link to a pre-recorded demo.

Here's another link to ....content  And here's a link to our ....pricing

But hey, sometimes we're wrong. After reviewing this content if you believe our software is right for your business please email us at


Box 2

10+ Employees

Thank you.  Please use this link to schedule a time for a live one-on-one demonstration

Meeting link.


This wouldn't replace your need to send follow-up emails.  But this thank you page will inform the lead's expectations.  You could also create a workflow to determine who is assigned the lead based on # employees.  So if someone with under 10 employees does end up clicking the link anyway - at least it could be a more junior person the lead would be assigned to and that more junior person could move the meeting to their calendar.


Alternatively, you could possibly use a Hubl if statement to populate content on your Thank you page.