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Hey all. We are launching a new blog refresh - and I was hoping to get some help with an issue we've been having - it has to do with multiple sub blogs, one aggregate page, and a unified email subscription list. 


Our original blog has been online for a few years now, and we have managed to get a few thousand people subscribed to our mothly email list. 


My boss recently came to be requesting that we switch to a setup like there is at More specifically - he wanted 4 sub-blogs that could be navigated to with its own set of tags... so that you could drill down two levels... into the sub-blog, and then into the specific tag (which we would like to be the different products we have).


I have managed to do all of this - and constructed an aggregate page that shows the most recent posts across all 4 sub-blogs. 


The issue I am having is this:

Since our aggregate blog is only displaying posts from our 4 sub-blogs, and not technically posting them itself, no one would be notified in our monthly email that anything was posted.  Is it possible to combine posts coming from all 4 sub-blogs and aggregate those to one single monthly email for our subscribers?



Is it possible in any way to have multiple sub-blogs, with one subscription/email feed/list?



If it helps, these are currently all under the same subdomain. - aggregate



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Hi @shullski,


A few things you could consider looking at are using the blog RSS feed to create the email content, and then schedule the emails (or potentially use a workflow). 


@MFrankJohnson do you have any recommendations for @shullski



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Sure is @shullski ... in fact, that's how we personally get our fix of HubSpot blog content from their numerous publications! Smiley Happy

- see Blended RSS feed Email for step-by-step ...


Can't wait to see what we can help you build on HubSpot today.


Thanks for the tag @jennysowyrda



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