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Moving Files with Hubspot file manager with multiple subdomains

Hi all, 

I'm trying to change which subdomain an individual file is hosted on but it doesn't appear to work properly. 

1. I update the subdomain using the "File URL by domain" setting within the file manager, asset details 
2. The file will then be accessible on both subdomains if I go to the file's URL.
3. When I deselect the file and look at the asset details again it automatically reverts back to the 1st subdomain 

I do have the Default File Manager Hosting Domain setup for one of our subdomains but I thought I could still manually change where a file was hosted.

Any advice is appreciated.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Moving Files with Hubspot file manager with multiple subdomains

Hello @Foxtrot91, thank you for providing this information. I wanted to add some top experts to this matter.


@webdew @rikkilear any recommendations to @Foxtrot91 matter?

Thank you,


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