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Hello!  We had an outside vendor create a single landing page for a part of our business that currently hosts its landing pages on HubSpot.  Unfortunately, he built it in Wix, and because we were on a timeline for a marketing blast, we had no other option but to let it go as is. 


Is there a way to move that page over to a HubSpot landing page without having to rebuild the entire thing from scratch?

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Hi @drodriguez,


There is a Wix : HubSpot integration that could help get some of the data pulled into HubSpot. 


There are some resources regarding migrating a page over to HubSpot from an external website (see another resource here). I want to see if any of our developer super stars have any insight on how to resolve on this. @piersg@Anton@amwilie do you have any suggestions for @drodriguez around migrating a page from Wix to HubSpot? 


Adding @webdew and @dbeau79 who may also have some insight on this topic!



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Thanks @jennysowyrda ...

@drodriguez , in my experience there isn't an easy way to do this other than pulling the relevant html out of the wix site and dropping it into a custom module and then replacing the content with an appropriate module field.  You'll need to bring over any css/js files as well.   Or, if the page is somewhat basic (guessing it's not) you could re-create using the drag and drop modules.  


Probably not what you want to hear but the "right" way to do this would be to start from scratch and/or be very judicious in what code you bring over so you don't add any unnecessary weight to the page.  

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Hi @drodriguez

short answer: unfortunatley there is no quick&easy way to move it from to HubSpot. 

detailed answer: If the design/look&feel matches great! You'll just need to "just copy&paste the content". If it doesn't you'll need to customize the design to your needs. You'll need somebody with good knowledge of HTML, CSS and for best results Hubl(HubSpot programming language) to get the best result. If you don't want to take the hustle - hire a freelancing HubSpot developer(take a look at the developer area in the community) to rebuild the landing page in HubSpot or contact a HubSpot partner agency which fits your budget/needs.




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Hi @drodriguez 

HubSpot allows you to migrate your website or webpages created on some other platform. Refer to the link below to find out how HubSpot migrations work.


However, your Wix site and its content are hosted exclusively on Wix's servers and cannot be exported elsewhere. Particularly, it is not feasible to export or embed files, pages or sites, created using the Wix Editor or ADI to another external destination or host. 


So you need to check this up with the HubSpot migration team. They will walk you through the entire process. Or you can also go for Wix and HubSpot integration.


Hope this helps!