Meta Description Doesn't Update

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I made a grammatical error in my meta description of a website page and I noticed after I published the page and tried to share the link on Twitter.


I went back to fix the error and when I updated the page and reposted on Twitter, the meta description still show the same error. 

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Hey @shear92895 


I am wondering if you still having this issue? I am asking this because usually, the social network needs to recrawl the page if a change is made in order to reflect that change on the card. It also takes different social networks different amounts of times to update cards after recrawling.


If you still seeing the issue, could you please send me a screenshot?


Thank you


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Hi @shear92895 


If you're still having this issue, then I'd suggest using Facebook share debugger and Twitter card validator. It will help speed up the process of updating the meta description of your page. 



Aakar Anil
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