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We were experimenting with a new header design for our homepage on Unfortunately, we don't seem able to present the design on mobile the same way as on a desktop. Specifically, some of the design elements in the upper left corner disappear on the mobile version. We wanted to know if this can be adjusted in HubSpot, or if we need to go back to the design board? 



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Hi @NVandrepol 


Thank you for reaching out. 


I want to tag some of our experts on this - @Kevin-C @JonPayne @Gonzalo do you have some tips or suggestions to give to @NVandrepol on this? 


Thank you!



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Thanks @TiphaineCuisset  - Hi @NVandrepol I'm not a coder, but I can involve some if we get really stuck 🙂 

In the meantime - maybe you've been working on this a little? Because the elements I'm not seeing are overflowing to the RIGHT. For example, on iPad Pro, the contact button in the menu disapears for me, and some of the header text flows off screen on an old school iPad the burger menu disapears off the RIGHT of the page. Let me know if you want screen grabs.

As someone who isn't a coder but has managed 1000's of web builds, I'd suggest that this is because somewhere between the design and the dev there's not been agreement on how the site responds at different break points. An example a break point is the exact pixel width when the main menu disapears and is replaced by a burger menu. Clearly the site responds at various break points but there it's not beahving as a user would expect, so the basic templates and CSS need a rethink. It hopefully won't neccessitate a full rebuild but given that you've got to this point, it's a signal that there may be other problems around the corner... Happy to spend 30 mins (free of charge) with you and one of our dev team to try to bottom out the problem, if you need 🙂 Good luck and please reply with any follow up questions!

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Hi @JonPayne , thank you for your input. Coincidentally, we are preparing a redesign of the website with new pages so your feedback above will be very helpful going forward. I can't confirm if your comment about the disagreement between the design and the dev, since I have been working here for just 2 months and the website as I know it excists for quite some time but it makes sense. 


About your offer: I will keep your comment saved so that I can easily find it if necessary.