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Make modifications to the Contact Us Page

I am hoping someone can give me some advice. We currently use a number of Hubspot Forms, namely the Contact Us & Book a Collection via our website.
Is there a way of adding a column or similar that will show whether we have completed the action? ie/ Did we book in the job or reply to the client's enquiry.
We would like to be able to quickly see via a 'tick' or similar that job is now completed. Thanks!

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Key Advisor | Partner
Key Advisor | Partner

Make modifications to the Contact Us Page

Hey @ChristineR1 this really depends on how you track a "booked job" in HubSpot.


If I'm understanding correctly, a contact submits a form to request a job and you're looking for a way for a team member to mark the job as completed is that correct? 


If so, the easiest way would just be through a custom contact property. You could just create a checkbox property for something like "job completed" and users within HubSpot can check that property, if you would like that to be public facing you can even add it as a checkbox to your form through simply dragging and dropping within the forms editor! 

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