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Make changes to a global module in only one template

Hi all, I am trying to figure out make a change to global content that is being used in multiple landing pages . I just want the change to apply to one landing page. Right now it pops up a warning that it will change the content for every other landing page. 


There is an article that supposedly instructs how to do this, however it is no longer accurate and the instructions do not work. Does anyone have an idea of how to do this?


Here is the old article that is no longer accurate:


Thanks in advance!

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Community Manager

Make changes to a global module in only one template

Hi @LannieB


Thank you for flagging! 


I wanted to tag in a couple of subject matter experts to see if they have any advice on this matter: 

Hi @Alex_Elborn@Phil_Vallender@Jerdaine_digita, do you have any tips for @LannieB? Thank you!


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Make changes to a global module in only one template

Without more information about the specific issue or problem that LannieB
is facing, it is difficult to give specific advice. However, in general, if
LannieB wants to make changes to a global module in only one template, they
may consider the following:


Use template-specific variables: If the global module supports
variables, LannieB can define different variables for each template where
the module is used. This way, they can customize the behavior of the module
for each template without affecting other templates.

Use conditional statements: If LannieB needs to change the behavior of
the module based on some conditions, they can use conditional statements in
the template to selectively apply the changes to the module.

Use a copy of the global module: LannieB can make a copy of the global
module and modify it as needed for the specific template. This way, the
changes made to the copied module will only affect the template in question
and not other templates using the global module.

Use a template-specific module: If the changes required are significant,
LannieB can create a template-specific module to replace the global module
in that specific template. This way, they can make any changes they want
without affecting other templates using the global module.

It is important to note that the best approach may depend on the specific
requirements and constraints of the project, so it may be useful for
LannieB to provide more information to the subject matter experts to get
more specific and tailored advice.