Link to Email Subscription Preferences page outside of email.

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I have a customer that wishes to create a navigation menu link directly from their website to the email subscription preferences page, so their contacts can manage their preferences from the site. Outside of emails, I can find no way to generate this link, not in Forms, CTAs, Buttons, or Landing Pages.

Are there any development requests or roadmaps actively pursuing this, and if not - does anyone have a workaround they could suggest?





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The only workaround is through the API.  The links that are in emails are tied to email addresses, so there is not a process for an anonymous, or logged in/tracked contact, to manage their subscriptions. So you could query the contact, assuming they are tracked, and make a dynamic page online where they can manage subscriptions.


Alternatively, you could trigger the manage subscriptions via an email and give someone a generic email with a link to manage their subscriptions, assuming they are subscribed.

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Hi @davcrislin ,


The other option is to set up a preference center on a HubSpot landing page which you include in the navigation. 
You can make a form and add the subscription types to the form. 
However, this doesn't sync with the contacts history, so might not be the ideal option for you.


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