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I'm having a problem with my landing page. I've been posting the link to my landing page on facebook pages (target audience fb pages) for a month now and when i check the page metrics, it shows 0 page views. We have tested it by viewing the landing page on our laptops as well as mobile phones and still get no views. It would be amazing if someone can help me figure out why this is happening?
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Hi @sara_manzoori ,

If it’s a HubSpot issue, then you can create a new page with the same URL, you can also implement A/B testing/. This will get you get excellent metrics

If you are having any issue related to GTM(Google tag manager), then you might have not added script properly, so you refer to this doc-


Also check whether your landing page is visible on Google. Inspect your URL on Google search console.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for your response! Our landing page is actually not external, it's an internal landing page:


In the beginning, it was successfully counting site visits and then suddenly after a while, it stopped and I have no idea why.

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Hey @sara_manzoori 


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HubSpot will attribute page views to contact if the contact clicks a link in a tracked marketing email which directs to a page with the HubSpot tracking code installed. You can find more information on how to track visitors on your external landing page here.


Have you installed the tracking code?




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