Landing Page - SUPER slow to load

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I've built an inventory display page for our website using the landing page feature and it is INCREDIBLY slow to load. It has a bunch of forms (18) and images (20), which could bv what's slowing it down but I expected Hubspots system to be able to host it well. Is there an like a "max" number of these fields.  Is there anyway that I can make the landing page quicker?

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I think you may want to rethink your LP layout. With that many images and forms no matter where its hosted it will still take time client-side to load/download those assets. A couple of things to think about that may help.


  • Check how big your images are, try to keep them small. Most programs have an export for web preset option that compresses them (I think this may be the biggest thing)
  • Have your Product Gallary be one page with images and CTAs that direct to another page with the form(s).
  • Add a filter option so not all your products appear at once on the page
    • Can you break them into categories to help with this?  
    • Along those lines adding pages/pagination might accomplish the same but it seems outside of blogs that function requires JavaScript.

I'm with Connor on this on.  Without seeing your LP, you may be best to break it up into a number of pages.  Having 18?? forms on a single page,  that a user has to navigate and determine which one is appropriate can be tough and not the best user experience.


For instance, if you have TOPIC #1 and description then a CTA to take them to a page that has the form for TOPIC #1, etc etc for each topic there after.


As to your images, also agree, that they may need to be optimized.  I LOVE Google's Squoosh has a fair amount of options and can really help in getting that load time down.  I use it constantly!!!!