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Is there a tool or module in hubspot that shows how many times a web page have been shared?

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Hi Hubspot,

Is there a way we can check up on how many times a given URL was shared? Something that, allows you to enter any URL to find out how many times it was shared on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn.

Thank you,
Julie Costales

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Hi @costalesja11,


For Facebook, you can use their graph to see how many times a URL was shared, below is the Syntax:

https://graph.facebook.com/?id=[YOUR URL]

this would show you a JSON return with the data. For example, using HS's website yeilds this result:

share: {
comment_count: 0,
share_count: 17422,

BuzzSumo also offers a Chrome plugin that you can use to see these stats:



They also offer this on their platform as well: https://buzzsumo.com/solutions/content-discovery/



AJ LaPorte

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Thank you @AJLaPorte, this helps me a lot. But seems that there is no other way that it is possible for hubspot right?

Best Regards,
Julie Costales