Is it possible to view Contact Activity on a Squarespace website?

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Hello there,


I have a client with a Squarespace website who is using the Hubspot Marketing Hub. Here is the question we have:

Is it possible to view contact activity from the Squarespace site (pages they've viewed, time they spent, etc) within the contact's Activity window? 

For example, we want to be able to open up a specific contact, and see exactly what they have viewed on the Squarespace website.


We are already using Hubspot Forms and CTA buttons on the Squarespace site and have the tracking code in place to get basic website analytics without problem. But beyond that website activity is NOT currently showing up for each contact.

Any thoughts?




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If you have the tracking code from Hubspot included on your pages you should see the website visit activity.  If you are not seeing that activity, there might be something interfering with the Hubspot tracking script.  I would open up the console on your site pages to see if there are any scripting errors or conflicts arising.  If you don't see any errors, you may need to open a support ticket with Hubspot and Squarespace to have the issue looked into from both ends to uncover the cause.